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February 7, 1947 British Restrict Jewish Immigration to Palestine

1947 Palestine ConferenceThe British Delegation cannot accept the contention of the representatives of the Jewish Agency that the rate of Jewish immigration into Palestine as a whole should be determined by the Jews alone. Nor can they accept the demand of the Arab Delegations that all Jewish immigration into Palestine should cease forthwith. They do not contemplate either a settlement which would bring to an end the development of the Jewish Nation Home, or the admission of Jewish immigrants without reference to the effect of their entry on the rights and position of the population of the country. Any provisions made for future Jewish immigration must rest upon consideration for the well-being of Palestine as a whole.”

β€œ With this end in view the trusteeship agreement would provide for Jewish immigration at a rate of 4,000 monthly, for a period of two years. This would guarantee the entry of approximately 100,000 additional Jewish immigrants. During the remainder of the period (e.g. June 30th, 1948) of Trusteeship, with due regard to the principle of economic absorptive capacity, by the High Commissioner in consultation with his Advisory Council; and in the event of disagreement the final decision would rest with an arbitration tribunal appointed by the United nations.”

Source: The Proposals submitted by the British Delegation to the Palestine 13 Conference on 7 February, 1947, and also Communicated to representative of the Jewish Agency.

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