3,200 Years of Documented Presence of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel, Genesis 15:18-21

Shams ad Din Abu Abd Allah Mohammed, who is known as Mukaddasi – ‘He who comes from the Holy Land’ wrote:

“Still, Jerusalem has some disadvantages… learned men are few, and the Christians numerous, and the same are unmannerly in the public places. In the hostelries taxes are heavy on all that is sold… Erudite men have no renown; also the schools are unattended, for there are no lecturies (e.g. Al – Aksa). Everywhere the Christians and the Jews have the upper hand; and the mosque is void of either congregation or assembly of learned men.”

Source: Kollek, Teddy; Pearlman, Moshe. Pilgrims to the Holy Land: The story of Pilgrimage Through the Ages. 1970.