Henry Morgenthau JrWASHINGTON, Feb. 22 (AP)—A campaign for $250,000,000—called the largest in the history of voluntary philanthropy here—was launched today by 350 Jewish leaders for Palestine, refugees and needs overseas.

Henry Morgenthau Jr., general chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, announced an emergency $50,000,000 will be raised in 10 days.

Attorney General Clark, addressing the conference opening the drive, praised it as a “campaign of peace.”

Nothing that $150,000,000 is intended for Palestine, he called it an investment in world peace. He predicted that “those who suffer in Palestine shall come through in just the same way that those Americans did.”

Called a “destiny campaign,” the drive becomes a part of the world campaign “against totalitarianism, against Communism, against tyranny,” Clark said.

T. O. Thackery, editor of the New York Post, said the “gigantic need” dwarfs the $250,00,000 sought. He called on Jews and non-Jews to give.

Thackery called on the great nations to come to the immediate assistance of the new Jewish state. He urged a United Nations army to restore peace in Palestine.

Morgenthau announced election of three New Yorkers as national chairmen of the 1948 drive. They are- Rabbi Israel Goldstein, who also is national chairman of the United Palestine Appeal; William Rosenwald, honorary president of the United Service for New Americans, and Rabbi Jonah B. Wise, vice chairman of the Joint Distribution Committee.