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Partition of Palestine 1947

  1. To the British Soldier in Palestine, Irgun Poster.
  2. Time is Running Out…Advertisement sponsored by American Christian Palestine Committee in Support of Partition.
  3. The Arab War Effort, American Christian Palestine Committee, New York 1947. Click here for a description of this source.
  4. British Decision to Abandon the Mandate, Feb. 18, 1947.
  5. Reply to the Government of Palestine’s Memorandum on the Administration of Palestine Under the Mandate – 1947.
  6. Proposals for the Future of Palestine – July 1946-February 1947.
  7. Letter to the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) from Mgr. Ignatius Moubarakis, Archbishop of Beirut, Aug. 5, 1947.
  8. Observations on the Supplementary Memorandum by the Government of Palestine, Jewish Agency for Palestine, Jerusalem, Aug. 1947. This document, published in August 1947, was the Jewish Agency’s response to Chapter II of the supplementary memorandum to the United Nations Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), published in July 1947, which contained supposed corrections of misstatements stated by Jewish representatives to the UNSCOP.
  9. Statement by Herschel V. Johnson, United States Deputy Representative to the United Nations, October 11, 1947.
  10. Past Perfect- Shall I Go to Bethlehem?, Yigael Yadin, Biblical Archaeology Review, May-June 2007.
  11. United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, Nov. 29, 1947.
  12. No Longer A Legend, Jewish National Fund, Tel-Aviv, 1947.
  13. British Limits on Immigration
  14. The Whittling Down of Palestine

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