1937 Arab Murder, Mayhem, and Massacre

Al-Banna Publisher of The Newspaper al-Nadher

Al-Banna, attempted to transform jihad into a tangible concept through giving death a more familiar and acceptable meaning, and associating the concept of jihad with the possibility of death at any time and anywhere. In 1937, when the Palestinian Revolt was intensifying, he wrote an article in al-Nadhir about jihad which he called ‘Sinnaat al-mawf, The Industry of Death’. In 1946, the same article was reprinted under the title ‘Fann al-Mawt’, ‘The Art of Death.’ He concluded his treatise by paragraphs which later acquired prominence, and which glorified death in the cause of God:

“To a nation that perfects the industry of death (jihad) and which knows how to die nobly, God gives proud life in this world and eternal grace in the life to come. The illusion which had humiliated us is no more than the love of worldly life and the hatred of death. So, prepare yourself to do a great deed. Be keen on dying and life will be granted to you, so work towards a noble death and you will win complete happiness.”

A song written by Shaykh Ahmad al- Baquri:

“We are afraid not of death but we desire it … How wonderful death is … Let us die in redemption for Muslims… Bury us under an umbrageous shade… We are contented to die as martyrs.”

Source: The Muslim Brothers and the Palestine Question by Abd Al-Fattah Muhammad El-Awaisi, pp.125-126