1929 The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al Hasanji (Husseini), Yasser Arafat, Mahmud Abbas

The Grand Mufti:

“The Haram El-sharif has been Moslem property for thirteen and a half centuries, but in the remote past it was the site of three successive Jewish Temples. The structures of the Holy area, including the walls, are Moslem; but it is believed that three of the lower courses of masonry in the western wall are remnants of the last, the Herodian Temple. For this reason, centuries ago Jews developed the practice of going there to lament over the destruction of the Temple. Their lamentations, it should be noted, are for the destruction of the Temple of Solomon, of which no remnant remains at the Wailing Wall or anywhere else.”

Source: Supreme Moslem Council: Statement of the Moslem Position published October 19, 1929