1918 Arabs Participation in World War I1917 Arab Participation in World War I and T.E. Lawrence (e.g. Lawrence of Arabia) of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia reported to a friend about an attack on a Turkish troop train, he wrote, “I hope this sounds the fun it is … It’s the most amateurishly Buffalo-Billy sort of performance,” and Arabia is a “foreign stage on which one plays day and night, in fancy dress, in a strange language…. The whole thing is such a play, and one cannot put conviction into one’s daydreams.”

“’In a madness born of the horror of Tafas,’ Lawrence wrote, ‘we killed and killed, even blowing in the heads of the fallen and of the animals; as though their death and running blood could slake our agony.’”

Source: New York Sun “Arabian Knights” February 20, 2008