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Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 32b – The Great Tannaitic Sages

Beth Shearim CatacombsLater traditions recognized the importance of Rabbi Judah ben Bathyra I’s teachings in Babylonia as can be seen from his presence in this list with the great figures of tannaitic tradition and their centers of learning.

“Righteousness, righteousness, pursue!” (Deut. 16:20) Go after the sages to the academy, after Rabbi Eliezer to Lud, after Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai to Beror Hail, after Rabbi Joshua to Peki’in, after Rabban Gamliel to Yavneh, after Rabbi Akiva to Bene Brak, after Rabbi Mattiah to Rome, after Rabbi Hananiel ben Teradion to Shiknin, after Rabbi Yose to Sepphoris, after Rabbi Judah ben Bathyra to Nisibis, after Rabbi Hananiah nephew of Rabbi Joshua to the golah, (130) after Rabbi [Judah the Prince] to Bet She’arim, after the sages to the Hewn-Stone chamber. (131)

130) The “Exile,” that is, Babylonia.

131) The meeting place of the Sanhedrin in the last years of the Second Temple period.

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