Zohar 3:204b


The first light that the Holy One, blessed be He, created, shone to the point that the worlds were not able to withstand it. What did the Holy One, blessed be He, do? He made a light for his light, to garb this within that. And thus he did also for all the rest of the lights, until the worlds were able to exist and withstand. And because of this there spread forth levels and lights were garbed, and these are called the supernal wings, until they arrived at the morning of Joseph (in reference to Gen 44-3), and it gathers all of the upper lights, and from within all of the upper lights its splendor is dependent. It went from one end of the world above to the other, until the worlds below were not able to withstand. Then came David, and he adorned for this flame a canopy for this morning of Joseph, to contain it and cause the lower worlds to exist, in the order of this flame, and concerning this it is written, “In the morning I will plead before you, and I will wait” (Psalms, 5-4), as it is said, “and he overlaid it with pure gold” (Exodus, 37-2), and it is because of that flame of David, and He dwells in it. He said that it should be a canopy for this morning.

Translated by Hartley Lachter

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