Zohar 2:34a


Job never gave any portion to [the Other Side], as it is written “he offered up burnt offerings according to the number of them all” (Job 1-5). The burnt offering rises upward. He did not give any portion to the Other Side for had he given him a portion he could not have overcome him afterwards . . . . Come and see- Just as he separated and did not contain the good and evil [together], so in the exact manner he was judged- [God] gave him good and then evil and then returned him to the good. Thus it is fitting for a person to know good and to know evil, and then return to the good. That is the secret of faith.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Light Through Darkness- The Ideal of Human Perfection in the Zohar,” Harvard Theological Review 81 (1988)- 73-95.

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