Zohar 2:226a


Even though everything exists in the light of the thought that is not known, this light of the thought that is not known struck the light that splits, and they shone as one, and nine courtyards were made. And [the] courtyards are not lights and not spirits and not souls, and there is none who can withstand them. The desire of all nine of the existent lights is for thought, for it is one of their number, and all of them run after it at the hour when they exist in thought, and they do not adhere and they are not known, they do not exist in will or in the upper thought. They are grasped and not grasped. In these exist all of the mysteries of faith, and all of these lights are from the mystery of the supernal thought. Below, they are all called ein sof. Until here the lights reach, and they do not reach and they are not known. This is not thought and not desire. When thought shines, it is not known from where it shines, and thus, it garbs itself and conceals itself within binah and shines to wherever it shines, and this ascends into that until everything is included as one, and thus it has been established… Thus, everything exists in the ascension of thought, crowned in ein sof, the light that shines from the supernal thought is called ein sof. Once forces shine and spread forth from it, that thought is concealed and hidden and not known, and from there spread forth emanation [peshitutah] to all sides, and there spreads forth from it one emanation that is the mystery of the upper world, and this exists as a question, and it is a supernal utterance, and it is established that it is called mi [who], as it is written, “Lift your eyes upward and see who created these” (Isaiah 40-26). This is the question that created them. After this, there spread forth and was made the ocean, end of all levels, for it is below, and from there [He] began to build below. And everything is made really [mamash] in that manner which it is above, this according to that, and this in the manner of that. Because of this, the guardianship of everything is from above and below. And this is the emanation of thought, which is the upper world.

Translated by Hartley Lachter

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