Jewish Mysticism
Meritorious is the lot of one who has entered and exited, and knows how to gaze into the mysteries of his master and to cleave to Him. With these mysteries a man can cleave to his master and know the entirety of Wisdom in the upper mystery. When he worships his Master in prayer and desire and intention of the heart, his desire cleaves like a flame to a coal, to unite the lower firmaments of the side of holiness, to crown them in one lower name, and from there and beyond to unite the upper, inner firmaments so that everything will be one in that upper firmament that stands upon it. And while his mouth and lips whisper, his heart intends and his desire ascends above, above, to unite everything in the mystery of mysteries, for there come to rest all desires and thoughts in the mystery that exists in ein sof, and to intend in this in each and every prayer, each and every day, to crown all of his days in the mystery of the supernal days. At night, he should pour forth his desire, and he will pass from this world, and his soul will leave him and return to the master of all.

Translated by Hartley Lachter