Jewish Mysticism
And moreover, it should be his desire that the lower entities should be blessed from these blessings of concealed delight. Thus, he must fall on his face and deliver his breath at that time that is the gathering of breaths and spirits. Thus, it is the time to deliver his breath within those breaths that are gathered, for then [he is in] the bundle of life, as is appropriate. We heard this word in the mysteries of the Holy Flame [Rashbi] and I have not been given permission to reveal it except to you supernal righteous ones. For if at that time that souls and spirits are gathered in the desire of one cleaving, he should pour his heart and desire into this and give over his breath in the cleaving of that desire to be encompassed it in that cleaving. If it is received at that time, in that desire of these breaths and spirits and souls that are gathered, such a man is bundled in the bundle of life in this world and in the world to come. Moreover, when the king and queen desire to be encompassed from all sides, from above and from below, and to be crowned in souls on all sides, [they are] crowned in souls from above and [they are] crowned in souls from below. And if a man directs his heart and his desire to all of this, and he delivers his breath from below in the cleaving of breath, as it has been said, then the Holy One, blessed be He, calls him ‘peace below,’ in the manner of that peace above. And one who blessed the queen and encompasses her and crowns her in all crowns, so too, the Holy One, blessed be He calls such a man ‘peace below,’ as it is said “and God called him peace” (Judges 10-24). And all of his days they will thus call him “peace above,” in order that he will be encompassed and crowned in the Queen below, in the manner of the peace above. And when that man ascends from this world, his soul ascends and punctures in all of these firmaments, and there is none who can stay his hand. And the Holy One, blessed be He, calls him and says “He shall enter in peace” (Isaiah 57-2), and the shekhinah says “those who rest in their graves…” And the thirteen gates of pure balsam are opened for him, and there will be none who can stay his hand. Because of this, meritorious is the one who pours forth his heart and desire for this, and of this it is written, “each who is willing in his heart, let him bring an offering to God” (Ex. 35-5), to the supernal king, as it is said.

Translated by Hartley Lachter