Jewish Mysticism
When Israel unifies the unity of the mystery of “Hear, oh Israel” (Deut. 6-4) with a complete desire, this then goes forth from the concealment of the supernal world, a single light, and that light strikes within the hardened flame and is shattered into seventy lights, and these seventy lights are in the seventy branches of the tree of life. Thus, that tree sends up scents and perfumes, and all of the trees of the garden of Eden send up scents and praises to their Master. In this way, the queen is adorned to enter the wedding canopy with her husband. All of these supernal branches combine in one supernal delight, and in one desire to be one with no separation at all. And thus, her husband is adorned for her, to enter the wedding canopy in one unification, to be united in the queen, and to this end we arouse her and say “Hear, oh Israel,” adorn yourself, for your husband is coming to you with his adornments ready to receive you. “God, our Lord, God,” one, in one unification, in one desire without separation, for all of these limbs are all made one and ascend in one delight. Once Israel says, “God is one” in the arousal of the six directions, then all of these six directions are made one, and they enter in one pleasure. And the mystery of this is a single [letter] vav, simple, by itself, with no other cleaving to it, but rather it by itself, removed from all, and it is one.

Translated by Hartley Lachter