Jewish Mysticism
Come and see. Everything is made in the mystery of faith, to be sustained this in that, and to ascend above to where it is necessary, to ein sof. Rabbi Shimon said, I raise my hands above in prayer, for when desire enters above, above, it exists on that desire that is not known, and is not grasped at all, ever; the most concealed head above. And that head brings forth that which it brings forth, and it is not known, and it enlightens what it enlightens, all in concealment. The desire of supernal thought is to pursue after it and to be enlightened from it. One curtain is spread, and from within that curtain, in the pursuit of that supernal thought, it reaches and does not reach that curtain, enlightening that which it enlightens, and thus, it is the supernal thought, shining with concealed brightness that is not known, and that thought does not know. And thus, it strikes the brightness of the thought that is not known, in the brightness of the curtain that endures, shining from the brightness that does not know and is not known and is not revealed. Thus, this brightness of thought that is not known strikes the brightness of the curtain, and they shine as one, and they create nine courtyards. And the courtyards are not lights and they are not spirits and they are not souls and there is none who can withstand them. The desire of all nine enduring lights which all exist in thought, which is one of them, all pursue after it, when they exist in thought, and they do not cleave and they are not known, they do not exist in desire, and not in supernal thought; they grasp it and do not grasp. In these exist all of the mysteries of faith, and all of these lights shine from the mystery of supernal faith downward, all of them are called ein sof. The lights reach until here, and they do not reach and they are not known. Here there is no desire and no thought. Thought shines and it is not known from where it shines. Thus, it garbs itself and is concealed within binah, and it shines to that which it shines, and this enters into that until everything is combined as one. And in the mystery of the sacrifice, when everything ascends, it is bound this in that, and it shines this in that, and thus, everything exists in ascension, and thought is crowned in ein sof. That light that shines from supernal thought that is not known at all is called ein sof, and from it is found and exists and shines to that which it shines, and upon this everything exists. Meritorious is the lot of the righteous in this world and in the world to come.

Translated by Hartley Lachter