Zohar 1:246b


Come and See. Thought is the beginning of all. And since it is thought, it is within, concealed, and not known. When this thought spreads forth more, it comes to the place where spirit dwells, and when it arrives at that place, it is called binah [understanding], and then it is not as concealed as before. And even though it is concealed, this spirit spreads out and brings forth a voice, comprised of fire, water, and spirit, and these are North, South, and East, and this voice is the principle of all other powers. And this voice articulates into speech, and this gives a word [milah, also read as ‘thing’] in adornment, since the voice is sent from the place of spirit, and it comes to speak a word, and to bring forth words of joy. And when one looks into the levels, He is thought, He is understanding, He is the voice, He is the speech, and all is one. And that very thought is the beginning of all, and there is no separation, but rather, all is one, and one connection. And that thought is really [mammash] connected to the nothing [ayin], and they are never separated. Thus it is written, “On that day the Lord will be one and His name one” (Zechariah, 14-9).

Translated by Hartley Lachter

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