Zohar 1:18a


“And the Lord said, ‘Let the waters be gathered [under the heavens unto one place, and let the dry land appear, and it was so]’” (Gen. 1-9), in the manner of a line, in order to be in a straight path. for from the mystery of that primordial point, all went forth in concealment, until it reached and was gathered in the supernal courtyard, and from there it went forth in a straight line to the rest of the levels, until it reached that single place that gathers all in general, male and female. Who is it? The Eternally Living One [hai almin]. The waters go forth from the upper letter he [of the Tetragrammaton]. “Under the heavens,” the small [letter] vav, and of this, vav [spelled out in Hebrew with two vav’s] one vav is the heavens and one is beneath the heavens. And thus, “and let the dry land appear,” this is the lower he [final letter of the Tetragrammaton] this is revealed, and all the rest is concealed. And from this last [letter] is perceived with understanding that which is concealed. “[U]nto one place,” for this is the connection of the unity of the upper world. “The Lord is one and His name is one” (Zechariah, 14-9) . Two unities, one of the upper world to be united in its level, and one of the lower world to be united in its level, it is a connection of unity of the upper world until here, the Eternally Living One; there the supernal world is connected in its unity, and because of this it is called “one place.” All levels and all members are gathered there, and they are all within it as one, with no separation at all, and there is no level that unites there with a single unity other than this one, and there everything is concealed in a secret manner with one desire. At this level the concealed world unites in the revealed world. The revealed world also unites below, and the world that is revealed is the world below.

Translated by Hartley Lachter

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