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The State and the Jews—Expulsion

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella

  1. Introduction
    1. Expulsion
  2. Images
    1. Expulsion from France, 1182
    2. Edict of Expulsion from Aragon and Castile, 1492
    3. Edict of Expulsion from Granada, 1492
    4. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  3. Primary Texts
    1. King Philip Augustus, 1182, Rigord of St. Denis
    2. Duke John of Brittany, 1239 Ducal Document
    3. Count Charles of Anjou and Maine. 1289 Comital Document
    4. King Edward I of England, 1290 Royal Document
    5. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, 1492 Royal Document
  4. Secondary Literature
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    2. W. Jordan, The French Monarchy and the Jews, (Philadelphia- University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989) 179-259.
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  5. Videos
    1. What were the reasons for the numerous expulsions of Jews from Christian lands? Prof. Robert Chazan. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    2. Where did Jews go after expulsion from Western Europe? Prof. Robert Chazan.

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  1. Gary Michael Tartakov says:

    I am seeking a good source for estimates on the numbers of Jews in western Christendom during the central middle ages, before the expulsions.