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The State and the Jews—Economic Support

Medieval W. Christendom

  1. Introduction
    1. Economic Support
  2. Images
    1. House of Aaron of Lincoln
    2. Receipt of Aaron of Lincoln
    3. Isaac of Norwich
  3. Primary Texts
    1. Arrangements for Jewish Loans in England, 1194, Early-Thirteenth-Century Narrative of Roger of Hoveden
    2. Jewish Seals in France, 1206 Royal-Comital Agreement
    3. Jewish Seals in France, 1206-1219 Royal Decree
    4. Jewish Seals in France, 1219 Royal Decree
  4. Secondary Literature
    1. H. G. Richardson, The English Jewry under Angevin Kings (London- Methuen, 1960), 67-82.
    2. W. C. Jordan, The French Monarchy and the Jews (Philadelphia- University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989), 56-72.
    3. J. Shatzmiller, Shylock Reconsidered- Jews, Moneylending, and Medieval Society (Berkeley- University of California Press, 1990), 71-103.
  5. Videos
    1. To what extent did the Jews rely on governmental support for economic success? Prof. Robert Chazan.

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