September 1, 1951 Suez Canal


The U.N. Security Council resolution called upon Egypt

“To terminate the restrictions on the passage of international shipping and goods through the Suez Canal wherever bound and to cease all interference with such shipping beyond that essential to the safety of shipping in the Canal itself and to the observance of the International Convention in force.”

The U.N. Security Council specifically ruled in that resolution that

“Since the Armistice regime which has been in existence nearly two and a half years is of a permanent character, neither party can reasonably assert that it is actively a belligerent or requires to exercise the right of visit, search, and seizure for any legitimate purpose of self defense.”

It said further that Egypt’s practices of visit, search and seizure

“Cannot in the prevailing circumstances be justified on the grounds that it is necessary for self-defense.”

Egypt refused to comply.

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