Psalms Scroll 22-1-15- Apostrophe to Zion


Psalms Scroll B

Psalms Scroll B

Translation by Geza Vermes (4QPSf and 11QPsa). 

I will remember you, O Zion, for a blessing; with all my might I love you; your memory is to be blessed for ever. Your hope is great, O Zion.

Peace and your awaited salvation will come. Generation after generation shall dwell in you and generations of the pious shall be your ornament. They who desire the day of your salvation shall rejoice in the greatness of your glory.

They shall be suckled on the fullness of your glory and in your beautiful streets they shall make tinkling sounds. You shall remember the pious deeds of your prophets and shall glorify yourselves in the deeds of your pious ones.

Cleanse violence from your midst; lying and iniquity, may they be cut off from you. Your sons shall rejoice within you and your cherished ones shall be joined to you. How much they have hoped in your salvation and how much your perfect ones have mourned for you?

Your hope, O Zion, shall not perish and your expectation will not be forgotten. Is there a just man that has perished? Is there a man that has escaped his iniquity? Man is tried according to his way. Each is paid according to his deeds. Your oppressors shall be cut off, from around you, O Zion.}

All who hate you shall be dispersed. Your praise is pleasing, O Zion. It rises up in all the world. Many times I will remember you for a blessing. I will bless you with all my heart. You shall attain to eternal righteousness. And shall receive blessings from the noble. Take the vision that speaks of you.

The dreams of the prophets requested for you. Be exalted and increase, O Zion. Praise the Most High, your Redeemer. May my soul rejoice in your glory.

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