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October 6, 1954 Israel Offers Peace

Israel Offers Peace

Israel’s representative told the U.N. General Assembly”

“We frankly fear lest the main trend of Arab policy is directed toward the resumption at some suitable stage in the future of the war of aggression against Israel halted in 1948.  We cannot avoid the apprehension lest arms now to be supplied to the Arab countries will be used … for renewing the onslaught against us.

“It is sometimes alleged that the Arab states, which exercise their sovereignty over a vast and unpopulated sub-continent, are sometimes seized with a fear of a small and lonely Israel embarking on expansion adventures against them all.

The only conceivable way of allaying such fears … is the conclusion of peace treaties … as a preliminary or transitory stage toward this end.  It might be useful to conclude agreements committing the parties to policies of non-aggression and pacific settlement.”

Israel, at the United Nations, offered to conclude non-aggression treaties with the Arab states.

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