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October 29, 1933 Arab Riots all over the Country

Arab Riots in Jerusalem 1948β€œThere was a serious outbreak at Jaffa. So excited and so dangerous was the temper of the Arab rioters that the police were forced to use their firearms before order could be restored. The news of these events quickly reached Nablus where public buildings were attacked and the police stoned, and traveled on to Haifa where that evening and next day there were similar disturbances. On the 28th and 29th rioting broke out again at Jerusalem. At each of these towns the attacks on the police, though nowhere so grave as at Jaffa, were formidable enough to compel them to fire in self-defense. The total casualties were one policeman killed and 56 injured, and 26 rioters or bystanders killed and 187 injured.”

Source: Palestine Royal Peel Commission Report. London: July 1937 p. 83. Cmd.5479

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