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October 28, 1954 Egyptian terror


How little the Egyptian Government was influenced by this authoritative appeal against its policy can be deduced from the text which the U.N. Mixed Armistice Commission had to adopt on October 28 when an armed and well trained Egyptian group again, in the Commission’s words:

“(e.g. Egypt) blew up (the water line) by heavy charge of high explosives…resulting in very serious damage to the pipeline, installation and water supply.”

On that occasion the Commission resolved:

Notes with great concern the repeated acts of planned demolition of main water pipelines in Israel by well-trained and organized armed groups coming from Egyptian controlled territory;

Further notes with extremely great concern the serious situation prevailing along the demarcation line resulting from repeated aggressive acts by Egypt against Israel;

Notes once again with great concern that despite the obligations imposed on Egypt by the General Armistice Agreement, and a number of M.A.C. Resolutions, an end has not yet been put to aggressive sabotage acts against Israel;

Decides that the above aggressive sabotage act against Israel constitutes a flagrant breach of Article II, paragraph 2 of the General Armistice Agreement by Egypt;

Calls upon the Egyptian authorities to stop finally and immediately all such acts of aggression against Israel and to implement fully the General Armistice Agreement.

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