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November 30, 1947 UN was “murdered” in the Eyes of the Arabs

Syrian PM Fariz el Khouri at UN in 1945Fariz el Khouri of Syria states that the UN has been “murdered” in the eyes of the Arabs after the vote for partition of Palestine.

“But before they [Arab delegates] entered their limousines they announced that they would have absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations Commission for Palestine, nothing to do with the transitional period after the end of the mandate and nothing to do with the partition.”

“The Arabs no longer respect those who do not respect right and justice.”

“Imperialist and Zionist forces have drawn closer together and foreign tongues and habits have invaded Palestine from the West in an attempt to take from the inhabitants their land and existence.  The mandatory power has assisted the intruders in every way, helping them to form a well-equipped and trained army. The Arab Governments repeatedly drew the attention of the mandatory power and other nations to the ill-disposed plans of these forces and the fatal consequences thereof.

“In the course of the United Nations sessions the Arabs did their duty to the full in showing the injustice of the Zionist cause. It is regrettable that the General Assembly took no account of this injustice and the principles guaranteed by the Charter. The United Nations violated right and self-determination.”

Source: New York Times, December 1, 1947.

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