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November 21, 1933 The British Restrict Jewish Immigration into Palestine

British Restrict Jewish Immigration to PalestiJewish Heads Join in Palestine Plea Protest on Bars to Entry is laid before Wauchope by delegation of all groups. Settlers’ decree urged. High commissioner in Reply Says Conditions Now Make Restrictions Necessary.

The deputation protested to Sir Arthur Wauchope on the alleged severity of measures taken against Jewish settlers who were in the country without authority. It cited the deportation of tourists overstaying the time granted by visas s a punishment out of proportion to the offense.

The High Commissioner in his reply said he knew Jews elsewhere in the world now were suffering great hardships, but he could not allow that fact to be the major consideration in determining his policy here. Immigration must be governed by the economic absorptive capacity of the country, he declared.”

Source: November 22, 1933 The New York Times by Joseph M. Levy

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