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November 14, 1929 Statement from first Arab Economic Congress

Palestinian Delegation 1929Statement issued by the first Arab Economic Congress:

Our gratitude to the Zionists [as the writer says] is really boundless.  For they have done more good to us in three months, then we could do to ourselves in ten years. They had awakened the national feelings and responsibility of every Palestinian Arab and made them unite, as never before, into one solid block.

Never before did Palestine witness so much vivacious political activities as she did within the last few weeks.  For, since the recent disturbances, five national congresses were held, namely: The All Palestine Arab Congress, the Women’s Congress, the Students’ Congress, the Villagers’ Congress, and last, but most important, the First Arab Economic Congress held in Haifa on the 14th of November, 1929.

Arab business men, farmers, proprietors, industrialists, and capitalists representing every district and town in Palestine attended the Congress.3

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