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May 15, 1948 Arab Legion Waiting in Jordan to Cross into Palestine

Arab LegionThe four regiments of the Arab Legion (e.g. led by British Lieutenant General John Glubb) which were to cross to Palestine on May 15th had been camped in the desert just north of Zerqa (Jordan). They were to move on May 14th from Zerqa to Amman and thence down the long twisting road to the Jordan valley, four thousand feet below. They were to bivouac on the east bank of the Jordan and cross the Allenby Bridge at dawn on May 15th. The Mandate was to end officially at midnight, May 14th-15th, though the British in practice evacuated Jerusalem on the morning of May 14th.

On May 16th, 1948, the day after the Arab Legion crossed the Jordan, the Belgian consul-general in Jerusalem called on king Abdullah in Amman. He came in the name of Security Council (e.g. of the United Nations) to protest to king Abdullah against the ‘unilateral aggression’ committed by the Arab armies by their entry into Palestine.”

Source: Memoirs of Lieutenant General John Glubb of the Arab Legion

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