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Literature of the Jewish Diaspora (332 BCE-7th century CE)


  1. From Text to Tradition
    1. The Literature of the Hellenistic Diaspora
  2. Historical surveys
    1. Louis H. Feldman. “Palestinian and Diaspora Judaism in the First Century.” Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism- a Parallel History of their Origins and Early Development. Ed. Hershal Shanks. Washington D.C.- Biblical Archaeology Society, 1993.
  3. Primary sources
    1. Philo of Alexandria, Embassy to Gaius 132-4, 349-67- The Attitude of Gaius Towards the Jews
    2. Josephus, Against Apion I, 223-311- The Origins of the Jewish People
    3. Josephus, Against Apion II, 80-111- Jewish Worship Defended
    4. The Letter of Aristeas- How the Jewish Law was Translated from Hebrew to Greek
    5. Babylonian Talmud Megillah 9a-b- Translation of the Torah into Greek
    6. The Works of Philo of Alexandria- A Survey of his Ideas

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