June 12, 1967 Yasser Arafat, Mahmud Abbas


On June 12, 1967, two days after the Six-Day War ended, the heads of Fatah met in Damascus and resolved to review the guerrilla war, but only inside the occupied territories and Israel rather than across the borders from the Arab states. They decided to open an emergency fund-raising campaign; to establish new bases along the Jordanian and Lebanese borders; to collect arms; and to organize resistance cells in the territories, particularly the West Bank. Fatah announced: “Our organization has decided to continue struggling against the Zionist conqueror. We are planning to operate far from the Arab states so that they will not suffer Israeli reprisals for fedayeen actions… We are united in our resolve to free our stolen homeland from the hands of the Zionist.” Source: Morris, Benny. Righteous Victims, pp365; Black, Ian & Morris, Benny. Israel’s Secret War

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