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July 2, 1943 The Palestine Deception of Great Britain

General Wavell 1941“The views of the Chiefs of Staff were sought frequently by the Cabinet Committee appointed in July 1943, to consider a long term solution for the Palestine problem. General Wavell, not normally a member of the War Cabinet, was invited to give his views, based upon his long experience of Palestine and of the Middle East.”

WAVELL PREDICTED THAT THE JEWS, IF LEFT TO THEMSELVES, WOULD DEFEAT THE ARABS IN PALESTINE, THIS WOULD BE A DISASTER IF BRITAIN ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. Whereas Wavell considered that the pledges given to the Arabs had created a situation of real difficulty, he feared that the present Jewish aspirations in Palestine constituted a danger to the security of the British Commonwealth and empire.”

Source: Minutes of Cabinet meeting on July 2nd, 1943, in Cab. 65/39

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