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Jews, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation


  1. Overview
    1. Overview- Jews, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation
  2. Primary sources
    1. Cum Nimis Absurdum (Bull establishing the Roman ghetto in 1555), translated by Kenneth Stow, in Stow, Catholic Thought and Papal Jewry Policy 1555-1593 (New York- JTS, 1977), 294-298.
  3. Secondary sources
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  4. Images
    1. Edict Ordering the Confiscation and Burning of the Talmud, Venice, 1553.
    2. Kabbala Denudata, Sulzbach- Abraham Lichtenthaler, 1677, B (NS)K115, Frontispiece and fig. 12.
    3. Philologus Hebraeo-Mixtus, Johannes Leusden, Utrecht, 1663, BS1110.L44, Page 279 – Hoshaana Rabba.
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    5. Sefer Yezirah (Liber Iezirah), Amsterdam- Joanne Stephano Rittangelio, 1642, Hebrew text, with Latin translation and commentary, BM525.A4 1642, Title page.
    6. Address to Pope Benedict XIV, Rome, 1751, MS 3668, Fol. 1r.

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