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  1. Overview
    1. Overview- Italy
  2. Secondary sources
    1. Foa, Anna. “Converts And “Conversos” In Sixteenth-Century Italy- Marranos in Rome.” In The Jews of Italy- Memory and Identity, edited by Bernard Dov and Barbara Gavin Cooperman. Bethesda- University Press of Maryland, 2000.
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    5. Zeldes, Nadia. “The Account Books of the Spanish Inquisition in Sicily (1500-1550) as a Source for the Study of Material Culture in a Mediterranean Country.” Mediterranean Historical Review 14, no. 2 (1999)- 84-89 (primary source).
    6. David, Abraham. “The Spanish Expulsion and the Portuguese Persecution through the Eyes of the Historian R. Gedalya Ibn Yahya.” Sefarad 56, no. 1 (1996)- 45-59. Abstract- About Italian rabbi Gedalia Ibn Yahia (1526-87), the son of Portuguese Jews who fled to Italy in the late 15th century to escape persecution, copyist and author. Examples from his Shalshelet Ha-Kabbalah [Chain of tradition] concerning the persecution of Iberian Jews show that Gedalia attempted to supplement and enrich the bare facts with new information based on additional Jewish and non-Jewish sources. Gedalia’s aim was to provide information based on his understanding of the situation and personal observation. These aspects determine his place in 16th-century Jewish historiography.
  3. Images
    1. Letter of expulsion of Jews from Naples, Naples, 1504, B H11a.

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