Ibn Tabul, Derush Hefsi Bah


When all of the forces of judgment are gathered together, it coalesces in one place, and on account of it the light of Ein-Sof, blessed be he, is withdrawn. There remains there a trace (reshimu) of light with the power of judgment, which is the root of the strong judgment, and all of the trace and the judgment are mixed together, and as soon as the mercy is withdrawn the judgment is revealed. Since the trace is only a vestige (roshem), it belongs to judgment, and it is mixed together with it.”

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Divine Suffering and the Hermeneutics of Reading- Philosophical Reflections on Lurianic Mythology,” in Suffering Religion, 101-162, Edited by R. Gibbs and E. R. Wolfson. New York and London- Routledge, 2002, from bn Tabul, Derush Hefsi Bah, in Simhat Kohen (Jerusalem, 1978), 1d.

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