Hayim Vital,‘Es Hayyim, 35:1, 50c-d


With this you can understand that Malkhut is called by various names and they are all true, for Malkhut has several roots (shorashim) in accord with the change in time (hishtannut ha-zeman). Thus do not wonder that Malkhut is the corona of the phallus (‘ateret ha-yesod) that is in man or how she is the female of a man (ha-nuqba’ shel ha-’adam). The matter is a great secret for with respect to every holiness the first root is not removed from there. Therefore the place of Malkhut was first in the root that is the corona of the phallus, and afterwards when she grew she was removed from there and she expanded bit by bit until she became a complete configuration (parsuf gamur), and she was face-to-face with Zei‘ir ’Anpin.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Divine Suffering and the Hermeneutics of Reading- Philosophical Reflections on Lurianic Mythology,” in Suffering Religion, 101-162, Edited by R. Gibbs and E. R. Wolfson. New York and London- Routledge, 2002.

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