Hayim Vital, ‘Es Hayyim, 39:2, 67d.


Indeed, in the first time of the first copulation, the male was aroused by himself (nit‘orer ha-zakhar me-‘asmo) without arousal of the feminine, and there arose in him the will and the desire to copulate (rason we-ta’awah lehizdawweg) even though as of yet there was no aspect of the female waters. Therefore, this copulation is very hidden and it was not in the aspect of the intercourse of his genitalia with her genitalia, for the feminine was still not created in the world. If this is so, with who would there be copulation when the world was created? Therefore, this first copulation was in the supernal will, thought, the upper brain, in the secret of the supernal will that is entirely masculine and without any mark of the feminine, and understand this.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Divine Suffering and the Hermeneutics of Reading- Philosophical Reflections on Lurianic Mythology,” in Suffering Religion, 101-162, Edited by R. Gibbs and E. R. Wolfson. New York and London- Routledge, 2002.

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