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German Lands

Early Modern Period

  1. Overview
    1. Overview- German Lands
  2. Primary sources and presentations
    1. Records of the Metz Beit Din, Jay R. Berkovitz, University of Massachusetts, USA.
    2. Domestic Interiors of Two Viennese Jewish Elites, David Horowitz, Columbia University, USA.
    3. Rural Jews in Alsace, Debra Kaplan, Yeshiva University, USA.
    4. The Personal Record Book of Hayyim Gundersheim Dayyan, Edward Fram, Ben-Gurion University, Israel.
    5. Ordering Early Modern Marriage, Elisheva Baumgarten, Bar Ilan University, Israel.
    6. Jewish Marriage in Christian Eyes, Yaacov Deutsch, Hebrew University, Israel.
    7. Pinkas Shamash Altona, Elisheva Carlebach, Queens College, CUNY, New York, USA.
    8. Marriage and Networkbuilding, Claudia Ulbrich, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
    9. Jewish Women and Economic Encounters with Christians, Debra Kaplan, Yeshiva University, USA.
  3. Secondary sources
    1. Burnett, Stephen. “Jews and Anti-Semitism in Early Modern Germany,” Sixteenth Century Journal 27 (1996), 1057-1064.
    2. Carlebach, Elisheva. “The Last Deception- Failed Messiahs and Jewish Conversion in Early Modern German Lands,” in Millenarianism and Messianism in Early Modern European Culture 1 (2001), 125-138.
    3. Hsia, Ronnie Po-chia. “Christian Ethnographies of Jews in Early Modern Germany,” in The Expulsion of the Jews (1994), 223-235.
    4. Jersch-Wenzel, Stefi. “Jewish Economic Activity in Early Modern Times,” in R. Po-chia Hsia and Hartmut Lehmann, eds., In and Out of the Ghetto (2002).
    5. Israel, Jonathan. “Central European Jewry during the Thirty Years’ War, 1618-1648,” Central European History 16 (1983), 3-30.
    6. Carlebach, Elisheva. “Between History and Myth- The Regensburg Expulsion in Josel of Rosheim’s Sefer ha-miknah,” in Carlebach, Efron, Myers, eds. History and Memory- Jewish Perspectives (Brandeis/University Press of New England, 1998)- 40-54I, available to read on Google Books.
  4. Images
    1. Sefer `Evronot (Ivronot) (Germany?), 1627, MS 2662, Fol. 21v-22r.
    2. Synagogue of Worms, PST 852.

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