February 15, 1956 Bases for the Fedayeen


A document from the Commander of the Third Division to the Commanders and officers in El-Arish, Rafah, Khan Yunis and Gaza, all bases for the Fedayeen, instructed them on preparation for the forthcoming battle.

The directive said

“Every commander must prepare himself and his soldiers for the important battle with Israel in which we are fully immersed with the aim of realizing our lofty position that is to overpower and destroy Israel in the shortest possible time and with the greatest brutality and bestiality in battle.”

The directive then went on to outline the training to be followed.  Item one proposed the instillation of “perseverance and strong will to fight brutally.”  The directive also proposed that the “hit and run policy” be “transferred into an aggressive policy as follows:

  1. 5th Brigade – in constant preparedness.
  2. 3rd Brigade should arrive by 1st April 1956 for company assault training within the framework of the battalion.
  3. 86th Brigade must arrive 1st April 1956 for company assault training, regardless of present shortage of manpower and equipment.
  4. The National Guard must complete the training of its volunteers in invasion tactics, without regard to training received preceding their entry into camp. The training of every course must end within seven weeks from arrival at camp.”

(A copy of this order was attached to Prime Minister Ben-Gurion’s letter of November 14, 1956 to Bulganin – see Israel Government Year Book, 1959/60, p. 36)

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