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March 25, 1925 English Edition La Palestine On Occasion of Lord Balfour’s Visit

A Special Edition in English issued (e.g. La Palestine) on the occasion

of the visit to Palestine of Lord Balfour,

the statesman with whose name is associated the declaration

which to the Arabs signifies the death knell of

all the hopes they cherished when the victorious

British Armies entered their country in 1918.


  1. The British government, of having allowed itself to become a tool in the hands of the Jews for the purpose of furthering their nationalist aims in Palestine.
  2. The League of Nations, of seeking to administer in Palestine a mandate which is incompatible with article 22 of the covenant of the League under which the mandatory system is set up.
  3. The government of Palestine, of pursuing with open eyes a policy which, by granting a focused position to the Jewish minority, is unjust to the Arab majority in Palestine

Georege R and I.

Frances E. Newton

Mount Carmel, Palestine“

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