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December 9, 1947 Lebanese and Jerusalem Arabs Say No to Jewish Homeland

Arab Rebels During 1936 RevoltDeputy Sami Es Solb, former premier of Lebanon:

 “We are facing a 100 year-war’ and demanded compulsory conscription.”

Ahmed Khalidi, president of the Arab College of Jerusalem, quoted by Nick Barrows of Chicago Daily News foreign service:

“We are the majority here – we Arabs. You of the West have no right to inquire into our right to live in our own country. Partition would abrogate our right of self-determination.  It is certain to bring clashes for it is utterly unacceptable to the Arabs. It would result ultimately in massacre. Partition would result in vengeance killings in other Arab countries and in no time the whole Arab world would be in flames. I foresee the Palestine Arabs forced to take a beating in the first encounters with the Jews if partition comes to pass. But the Jews are surrounded by an Arab sea. WE WOULD RALLY THROUGHOUT ALL ISLAM – AND TIME WILL BE ON OUR SIDE.”

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, December 9, 1947, p.1

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