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December 1918 Israel Offers Peace to Islam

WeizmannViews of leading Zionists in London were summarized in an unofficial proposal given by Chaim Weizmann to Lord Balfour.  The highlights included requests for:

  • Official recognition of the historical land rights of Palestine to the Jews, but with the understanding that non-Jewish populations would be respected and protected
  • A “Trustee” to be appointed to the supervision of Palestine, with the understanding that the Zionists would select Great Britain
  • An organization of representing Jews to be authorized to make arrangements with the “trustee”, as necessary for the development of Palestine as the Jewish National Home

Balfour accepted these points, and stated that he felt Great Britain would accept the policy of the National Home and voice support at the Peace Conference.

Chaim Weizmann reiterated many of the ideas he spoke of with Balfour, when he addressed a group of Zionists in London in December 1918.  Outlining the need for getting more Jews to live in Palestine before it could consider statehood, Weizmann called for the following:

  • World recognition of Palestine as land which had belonged to the Jews in the past, and so would rightfully again in the future.
  • Opportunities and incentives should be provided in order to create conditions that would facilitate more Jewish immigration to Palestine
  • The Mandate should be given to the authority of Zionist choice, Great Britain.

Source: 2 p. 155-6

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