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December 15, 1943 The Jewish Refugee Deception of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933 – 1945)

RooseveltRepresentative Dickstein stated in the House on December 15:

‘If we consider the fact that the average admission would then be at the rate of less than 50,000 per year, it is clear that the organs of our Government have not done their duty. The existing quotas call for the admission of more than 150,000 every year, so that if the quotas themselves had been filled there would have been a total of one-half million and not 500,000 during the period mentioned.’

‘But that is not the whole story. There was no effect of any kind made to save from death many of the refugees who could have been saved during the rime that transportation lines were available and there was no obstacle to their admission to the United States. But the obstructive policy of our organs of Government, particularly the State Department, which saw fit to hedge itself about with rules and regulations, instead of lifting rules and regulations, brought about a condition so that not even the existing immigration quotas are filled.’


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