Area_GThese videos were filmed by Ardon Bar-Hama and directed by George Blumenthal. They feature Doron Spielman, international director of development at the City of David.

  1. The Spring House
  2. The Room Where Everything Began
  3. An Unexpected Discovery
  4. Proof of the Jewish Presence in Ancient Jerusalem
  5. Evidence of the Priestly Class in Jerusalem
  6. Why Was the Gihon Spring So Important?
  7. Long Live King Solomon!
  8. Discovery of the Upper Pool
  9. Ancient Jerusalem’s Water Source
  10. Protecting the Gihon Spring
  11. Why Did King David Conquer Jerusalem?
  12. From Jebusite City to Capital of Israel
  13. What does “Jerusalem” mean?
  14. The First Mention of Jerusalem in the Bible
  15. David: Israel’s Greatest Military General
  16. The Key to the City of Jerusalem
  17. The Gihon Spring in Jewish Tradition
  18. An Accidental Discovery at the City of David
  19. Where was King Solomon Annointed?
  20. The Tunnel that David Walked Through
  21. Opening the Door to a Mikveh
  22. How Do Archaeologists Work?
  23. Recreating Life Thousands of Years Ago
  24. How the Bible Guides Archaeologists
  25. A Timeline of the History of Jerusalem
  26. An RSVP from the Women of Ancient Jerusalem
  27. A Letter Sent from the First Temple Period
  28. Connecting the World with the Biblical Narrative
  29. Making Jerusalem Jewish
  30. Inside Warren’s Shaft
  31. The Way David Went 
  32. The City of David’s Secret Shaft
  33. The Greatest Mystery of Ancient Jerusalem
  34. The Life Source of Jerusalem
  35. The Temple Mount’s Ritual Bath
  36. A Pool Built for a Nation
  37. Jerusalem Rebuilt
  38. A Dream Rekindled
  39. Preparing to Meet God
  40. From Hezekiah’s Tunnel to the Siloam Pool
  41. Going Up to the Temple Mount
  42. The Siloam Pool Road
  43. Reliving the Temple Pilgrimage
  44. God, King and Man on One Hilltop
  45. The Book of Jeremiah Comes to Life
  46. The Cornerstone of Kingship
  47. Where Was King David Buried?
  48. The Graves of the House of David
  49. Preventing Further Destruction on the Temple Mount
  50. The Meeting Point Between the Pure and the Impure
  51. The Palace of King David
  52. The Original Road to the Temple Mount