August 1, 1948 Israel Offers Peace


David Ben GurionIsrael could not simply agree to allow all Palestinians to return, but consistently sought a solution to the refugee problem.  Israel’s position was expressed by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion:

“When the Arab states are ready to conclude a peace treaty with Israel this question will come up for constructive solution as part of the general settlement, and with due regard to our counter-claims in respect of the destruction of Jewish life and property, the long-term interest of the Jewish and Arab populations, the stability of the State of Israel and the durability of the basis of peace between it and its neighbors, the actual position and fate of the Jewish communities in the Arab countries, the responsibilities of the Arab government for their war of aggression and their liability for reparation, will all be relevant in the question whether, to what extent, and under what conditions, the former Arab residents of the territory of Israel should be allowed to return.”

Source:  75, p. 270.

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