Aramaic Apocalypse, 1st century BCE


Aramaic Apocalypse

Aramaic fragment (4Q246) refers to a future deliverer, who “will be called son of God” and “will be called son of the Most High.”

The [son of the] G[reat Master] shall he be called, and by His name he will be called. He will be said (to be) the son of God, and they will call him the son of the Most High. (ARAMAIC APOCALYPSE I 9–II 1)

Like the comets which are seen, thus shall their rule be. They shall rule for years upon the earth and shall trample everything. Nation shall trample nation and city (shall trample) city, until there arises the people of God, and all will (then) rest from the sword. (ARAMAIC APOCALYPSE II 1–4)

His kingship shall be eternal kingship and all his rule shall be in truth. He will judg[e] the earth with truth and will entirely make peace. The sword shall cease from the earth, and all the cities shall bow down to him. The great God will be his strength and will make war for him. The nations He will give into his hand, and all of them He will cast (down) before him. His dominion shall be an eternal dominion and all of the boundaries … (ARAMAIC APOCALYPSE II 5–9)

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