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April 15, 1948 Dr. Barnes to Commander 2nd Infantry Brigade, Jerusalem

Mt Scopus Hadassah Hospital Massacre April 13 194815 April, 1948

Dear Brigadier,

Dr. Yaron received his fatal wound at 2:30 p.m. I telephoned you at 1:45 that day, on April 13, asking if it was not possible to send vehicles to rescue those who had been trapped since 9:45 that morning. You said that was what you were trying to do, but the difficulty was that a major battle was going on. I have tried to explain to myself and to others why this should have prevented the rescue of those valuable lives whose passing we are now mourning. I confess, I am not able to explain it. This is the reason why I am writing you this letter and why I am sending copies to the High Commissioner, the G.O.C. and the Chief of Staff.

I am not without a sense of guilt myself. Perhaps had I made my appeal to you stronger at 1:45, my friend and fellow worker, the Hospital Director, would not have been killed at 2:30 and the other teachers and laboratory workers of the University might have had their lives spared.

As you know, I have been very grateful for the efforts you have made during the past several weeks to keep the road to the Hospital open and comparatively secure. I cannot, however, rid myself of the fateful question: Why was it not possible to rescue men and women bent on errands of mercy and of science between the hours of 9:45 in the morning and the hours of the late afternoon?”

Source: Davis, Eli. Saga of a Siege. P 109-120.

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