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A high government source said in London Wednesday that the British government expected the arrival of the United Nations Commission in Palestine next spring to be a “signal for trouble” in the Holy Land. And at Lake Success, N. Y., Dr. Fadhil Jamali, Foreign Minister of Iraq, said the fight of the Moslem world against partitioning of Palestine would begin in full force as soon as the British pull out of the Holy Land.

The U. N. commission’s job will be to implement the United Nations General Assembly’s decision to partition Palestine into Arab and Jewish states.

The British have recommended they abrogate their mandate on May 15 and that the separate Jewish and Arab states be set up June 1. The British plan to withdraw all their troops by August 1.

The British government source declined to predict the nature or extent of the expected “trouble.” High Arab leaders already have called for a Holy War.


The informant said Britain would not begin a substantial withdrawal of her troops from Palestine until spring, when the railways and highways will be largely clear of the citrus crop, just reaching the height of its season.

(The United Press quoted its sources in London as saying Britain probably will start full scale evacuation of troops from Palestine in mid-April.

(It was tacitly confirmed that all British police are even now being withdrawn from the sister cities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. In Jewish Tel Aviv and Jaffa. In Jewish Tel Aviv, the mixed force of British and Jewish police is being replaced by special Jewish constables who will be under control of the British authorities in Jerusalem. A similar change, with Arab constables in charge, is being carried out in Arab Jaffa.


(Wherever British troops are withdrawn from predominantly Jewish or Arab districts before the mandate is laid down Palestine authorities will be ready to send them back if disturbances start, it was promised.

(This information was made available on the eve of a full dress two-day debate on Palestine in Commons. Colonial Secretary Arthur Creech Jones is expected to confirm that Britain has notified the United Nations it will lay down its mandate May 15.

(It is said in well informed quarters that the Cabinet already has decided Jones shall not announce any increase in the present Palestine immigration quota of 1500 a month. Any decision on an increase will be made later, it was explained.)


Commenting on the action of the United Nations Security Council in refusing Arab requests for full debate on the issue now. Dr. Jamali told an interviewer-

“Regardless of what delegates say now, the issue is bound to come up in the Security Council when the general struggle begins.

“Plans are being made over there now for the fight. It will begin in full force when the British end their mandate and begin pulling troops out of Palestine.”

Dr. Jamali said he was leaving for Iraq today (Thursday) but would be ready to return to the U. N. at any moment if “the interests of the Arab world” demand his presence here.