Napoleon“Soldiers, you are one of the wings of the army against England. . . . The Roman legions, whom you have imitated but not yet equalled, fought Carthage on this same sea and on the plains of Zama. . . . Europe has its eyes on you. . . you have great destinies to fulfill!”

After the occupation of Cairo comes a threat, a promise and an entreaty.

“[General] Berthier posted a proclamation in the city in French, Arabic and Turkish, and distributed many copies- “Kadis, Shaykhs, Ulema, Imams, Chorbajis, people of Egypt! For long enough the Beys have insulted Egypt; the time has come to punish them. God, on Whom all depends, has said- The reign of the Mamluks has ended. You will be told that I come to destroy the religion of Islam- answer that I love the Prophet and the Qur’an, that I come to restore your rights to you. Throughout the centuries, we have been the friends of the great sultan. Thrice happy those who join us! Happy those who stay neutral. They will have the time to get to know us. Misfortune to the fools who take arms against us! They will perish.”