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FRANKFURT, Dec. 7 (AP)—One Jew died today and eight other Jews and one Arab have been wounded, the American military government said, as the result of knife encounters in Germany over the projected partition of Palestine.

The stabbing, which took place at the town of Ulm on the border between Bavaria and Wuerttemberg-Baden, were the first cases of Arab-Jewish violence reported in Germany since the United Nations decided November 29 to divide the Holy Land.

The Jews and Arabs involved in the attacks are displaced persons or refugees.

Thirty-three persons, including 31 Jews, have been arrested in an attempt to block further strife. Major Marcus L. Hoover, military government officer at Ulm, said the arrests were made after American constabulary troops and German police intervened to prevent a major clash between rival Jewish and Arab factions.

Explaining that authorities are “attempting to pacify the two groups,” Hoover said the constabulary and German police have established road blocks between Wuerttemberg-Baden and Bavaria at Ulm and at Danube river crossings in the area to prevent Jews and Arabs from meeting.

The wounded Arab was knifed 10 times in an attack at the Ulm railway station.