Jewish displaced persons in America-occupied Europe to Palestine2 Representatives Propose Transfer to Palestine

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 18 (UP).-Resolutions calling on the United States to transfer all Jewish displaced persons in America-occupied Europe to Palestine by Oct. 1, 1948, were introduced today by two House members.

The resolutions, which would not have the force of law, propose liquidation of all Jewish displaced persons camps in the American zones by next October.

Offered by Representatives Andrew L. Somers, Democrat, of New York, and Hugh D. Scott jr., Republican, of Pennsylvania, they would make it “the sense” of the House that President Truman direct the transfer of the 210,000 Jews involved.

Representative Somers said the cost of transporting them, to be paid by the United states, would be less than $15,000,000. Representative Scott estimated that is now costs this country $32,000,000 a year to maintain the camps.